A Bit About Me

It seems, at times, that I am rewriting my life story. I mean, I know it’s being written anew every day but if I were reading about me, I would never have guessed that my explorations would have led me to this place, or maybe I would.

I’ve actually dabbled in art all my life; watercolors, pastels, pen and ink, and so many more ways of expressing myself!  My full time jobs, however, were parenting and teaching.  These were careers in which I could be artistic and creative while helping my children and students feel the pleasure of expressing themselves through writing, drawing, singing, and other ways.  Well, my children moved away, and I retired from teaching, and there I was, with the rest of my life laid out before me.

I started taking metalsmith classes at our local bead store and art association. VOILA!  I felt pure pleasure in every moment of hammering, drilling, soldering, sawing, enameling, and all the amazing techniques I have been learning over the past many years. It was about 2 years into this journey that I discovered, quite by mistake, that my pieces were unique enough that I could sell them. After doing a few small art fairs, my pieces were being carried by three local galleries. The juried art fairs I was accepted into became larger and larger and more per season. I began to do just art fairs. And then, the pandemic hit.

All art fairs were cancelled. We were required to shelter in place. I began making so much jewelry in my home studio but had nowhere to sell them. So, here I am. My online shop, photographs taken by me (Sorry about the quality! I am NOT a photographer.), everything I would have displayed over the summer now laid out online.  Who knows where this will lead? Who knows what will happen in the future? For now, I am again enjoying each moment.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my pieces. Each one has a story, an inspiration, a love of technique, and at the end of making it, an exclamation of, “Huh, I made that!” moment.

Stay well,

Images In Metal