Caring For Jewelry

Care Instructions

Here are some ways to assure your jewelry lasts a lifetime.

*All metals and some stones are sensitive to moisture and chemicals. Remove your jewelry when you shower, wash your hands, apply lotion or use hand sanitizers, cleansers or cleaning solutions.

*You can gently clean your jewelry with a SOFT toothbrush and a mild dish soap. I use Dawn Original to give a final cleaning after polishing these pieces.

*All metals will tarnish at some point. Use a soft, clean cloth or facial tissue to polish. If the tarnish gets bothersome you can use a special polishing cloth purchased from a jeweler. If your piece has a patina, be aware that a polishing cloth will remove it. If your piece is roughly textured, it is best to let it age gracefully. Patinas are beautiful!

*If you have an adjustable ring or open metal bracelet, remember that if it was adjusted to your size already, the metal was bent to fit. Continued manipulation of the metal can weaken it.  GENTLY squeeze or pull until the required adjustment is made. Do this as little as possible to protect the integrity of the metal.

*Waxed cotton cords are extremely comfortable. Be aware that they are basically waxed fabric and should not be worn swimming or showering.

*Sterling silver chains can be cleaned using the toothbrush method mentioned above. You may also use a polishing cloth or tissue by holding the open chain at the clasp and running the cloth down the chain with gentle pressure. Do this several times to remove any grime.

I truly appreciate your interest and hope you find a piece or more to purchase!

Stay well,

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