Custom Designs

Are you thinking about ordering a custom piece of jewelry for yourself
or as a gift? That’s a FABULOUS idea! Here are some things that will
help you go through the process with the result you and I both want:

Artistic Process:

Here are some preliminary questions to answer:

  • What type of jewelry?
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • When do you need it by?
  • Are there any special needs that I need to know about up front?  (allergies, large knuckles, doesn’t like anything tight, etc.)

From there, you can explain to me in great detail what you want!

Next is the planning: 

  • I draw some designs and send via email to you.
  • You choose your favorite and send it back to me. 
  • I provide the price and estimated completion date.
  • You send down/full payment.
  • The creating begins! 

Please note that once payment is made, the design is final and no changes will be accepted.  

If you are interested in custom work, a few samples of what I have
created for my customers are below. When you are ready to contact me,
simply fill out the form!